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From the West Coast of The USA we travel down to the Southern Hemisphere, to Western Australia and the capital city of Australia,  Perth which is the largest city of the Australian State of Western Australia and it is the fourth most populous city in Australia.  
As I began to research food and the area of Perth I soon found out that Perth is a foodies paradise and the city itself is filled with amazing restaurants and eating seems to be very popular.

I looked into the history of Australian food and one particular website is looking at Australia’s cuisine culture and at what makes food Australian and whether there is just one style of Australian Cuisine   I believe that there isn’t one style of Australian Cuisine.    Australia has a very rich diversity of foods and also drinks which have been accepted and modified since the colonisation. They have been established as part of a multi cultural society. Once upon a time the foods were alien but have been changed with amazing new styles and ingredients into what today is definitely Australian food… This website, where I gained a lot of information has a lot of history and I would suggest reading it…I found it very interesting.

Having asked the family what their preferences were for Australian food, I was met with the usual ideas, for instance…. “Shrimps on the Barby”, “Steak, sport” etc, etc, etc.  English weather today was stopping anything going on the BBQ….I decided to look for myself to see what I could find… Perth has hundreds of good restaurants and places to eat from all areas of the world – so very much an “International City”

Being “Only, and only Tuesday” I needed to find something, that after a day at the “day job” was easy to put together and also following the trend we had set ourselves I stumbled across a
website http://www.food.com/  where they aim is to make “all this cooking, eating and sharing easier”.   Looking some more I found within the website tonight’s recipe for dinner. It was easy, not stressful and very tasty…

Sir Fry Chicken with Macadamias (Australian) – now, I am sure there are other Australian dishes out there we could have chosen, but you never know when the finger will land on Australia again and I am sure the more I research find other dishes unique to area. I am however, excited to visit one day an exciting vibrant city with what seems to be a paradise for foodies and when given the chance I am just this….

Instead of going out to dinner, buy good food. Cooking at home shows such affection. In a bad economy, it’s more important to make yourself feel good.

Ina Garten

The recipe actually only asks for Red Peppers (Capsicum). We had different colours in the fridge so decided to add extra to the recipe, which worked well and the gorgeous colours added to the dish

The green onions in the recipe I always thought were spring onions, but in this recipe are classed as shallots.  Hubby brought spring onions, but I opted for the shallots we already had in the fridge…

The finished meal was quick to prepare, cook and looked amazing…The use of sweet chilli sauce and lime juice, to me, complimented the flavour

Family Verdict:  Tasty, simple and worth having again…
The next place on our family dining journey should prove interesting …. we look forward to sharing, and tonight I am going to leave you thinking….lets just say, the last few days have been relatively well known….so next time we may just be off the beaten track….