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Back East finds us in Japan – Rory was excited about this prospect as he thought we would serve Sushi, but from experience of Japanese food, know we can find something for all our pallets…

Japan is formally known as “State of Japan” and is an island country that is situated in East Asia and like some of our other countries visited, situated in the Pacific Ocean.  The Sea of Japan, East China Sea, China, Russia, Korea and South Korea lie to the East of Japan. Japan stretches in the North from The sea of Okhotsk, to the South were it meets Taiwan. It is common knowledge that Japan is called “The land of The Rising Sun” and the Kanji that make up Japan’s name literally mean “Sun Origin”
Japan consists of approximately 6,800 islands, the most common and largest ones, being Shiloku, Honshu, Kyushu and Honshu and these 4 islands make up around 97% of Japan’s landmass. It is the world’s 10th largest country with around 125 million inhabitants and it is worth pointing out that 9 million of the population live in Tokyo, the capital.
When we talk about cuisine in Japan, it is all about the ingredients, preparation the way of eating! Japanese food is traditionally is based on rice and a miso soup, which is a soup made up of stock and miso paste, and many other dishes that focus on ingredients that are in season.
Obviously Sushi is very popular, but that wasn’t going to be a choice in our household tonight. Also
tempura, which is normally vegetables or seafood deep fried in a light batter, was an option, but didn’t seem to meet everyone’s approval…
As well as the rice and noodles, Japan has many dishes that are simmered like broths which contains fish or beef. However, in the past Japanese people rejected meat but in the 1880’s and the modernisation of Japan, dishes with meat have become popular and common.  I think it is safe to say Japanese food is now very popular all over the world..

So what do we have that will please every member of my household? No 2 son back to Uni so fruit in things wasn’t the issue. Hubby not really wanting Sushi and of course my wonderful daughter in law to be, is a Pescatarian… Hey ho… so the internet trawled I came upon a a risotto recipe – yes a risotto recipe..seafood risotto, I never really thought of a risotto other than Italian…But how wrong was I?

Japanese food is refined and elegant, its preparation and presentation honed over the centuries so that its flavours are pure and delicate. Like many of the world’s highly developed cuisines, Japanese food celebrates and highlights the flavours, textures and colours of seasonal produce. The first produce of the season is prized.

This risotto uses traditional Japanese ingredients such as Miso, Saki and Mirin. The fish aspect was prawns and crab meat – all favourites.  Loved the edamame beans added some colour a flavour and I have them regularly in salads.

As Ian started to cook the ginger and spring onions(scallions) in the oil the smell was amazing, I know it was only spring onions, but never the less amazing…. Add a few ladles of hot stock to the rice, just enough to cover, and cook, stirring constantly, until the rice has absorbed the stock. You will need to add more stock to the rice and repeat the process until the rice is cooked and has a bite – see the full recipe in the Recipe Links page

Prawns, edamame and crab meat, miso paste and Mirin added the finished dish was delivered to the table and looked amazing although Hubby said lacked colour – but you be the judge from the pictures.

The taste was amazing and the sesame oil and soya sauce drizzled on top was fantastic.

Family Verdict:  Really “Yummy” from No one son and my daughter in law to be, who didn’t like prawns, although being a fish lover, now says she does…Easy to cook and prepare and a obviously a different taste from any other risotto tasted. As mentioned hubby says it lacked colour  – as he eats with his eyes, but overall a really delicious meal and would certainly cook again.

Where next???     Hawaii!!!! – of to research…see you tomorrow  🙂