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Its been a while since I added anything to our blog. My reasons? Situations within our family changed and this has been updated on our “About us” page. We have had illness, on going issues and quite importantly our middle son took his globe back to university!! I did ask if we could use it, but to no avail..I(We) also decided we needed to try and engage more of an audience and wondered how we could ramp up or site and make it more interesting. Any ideas from you our readers would be gratefully received.

We have obviously been eating whilst not writing and we have had some interesting meals. My husband is a far better cook than myself, but I try and have produced many a good meal.  The summer has seen us BBQing quite a lot, but that can get boring when you are eating the same food every time you light your BBQ.

Tell me what you have been cooking on your BBQ’s?                                                                                                    

Have any of you ever tried Seared beef with orange & chilli?   We cooked this a few years ago and lost the recipe, but we found it again on The Good Food website and  it certainly is worth a try – go on give it a go, the summer isn’t over yet.

Seared beef with orange & chilli?


Seared beef with orange and chilli


You will probably need to source the skirt from a butcher and not all butchers carry this cut.   It was so well received we added it to our summer menu a few times for different friends and family. Its really easy and does make a change from burgers and sausages.

However if you have a good butchers in your town or village, like we do in Whitstable, they do produce excellent items for the BBQ, including Ribs and marinated chicken, lamb etc.


As you know we live by the sea so fish is always good on the BBQ and we are lucky we can access fresh fish of all description from our local fish market.

BBQ’s, in my opinion, are a very social gathering and the meat cooked doesn’t need to be accompanied by lots of other dishes. I try to keep salads to a minimum but delicious and wholesome so people are filled up, rather than just throw lettuce or rocket in a bowl along with cucumber and tomatoes etc.  I love to make potato salad, which was actually my friends recipe, but she taught me how to make it and my children just devour it. I will in time add the recipe to my own recipes, but if you need it immediately I am sure you can source one on the web.


Another favourite, only found this summer, courtesy of James Martin and Asda is cauliflower couscous… Oh my! This has really been popular in our house over the summer with all our guests. I have had the pleasure of meeting James when I was a contestant on Ready Steady Cook, along with my husband, a few years ago.








You yourselves know what your family and friends like so its your choice. However, we also like a delicious Greek salad  or a caesar salad which are so easy to make. I know you can buy it already in a bag, but there is something satisfying making your own.    Coleslaw is very easy to make and doesn’t’t have to be calorific if you use low fat mayo etc…


13567371_10157400224155354_2228525323297815979_nWe are fortunate that in our garden we have grown salad vegetables, but we are also very lucky that our neighbours fig tree has self seeded and I now have my very own fig tree. I say I, as no one else in our household eats them. So why not dress up your BBQ’d chicken with a variety of other things instead or the usual, including figs, satsuma segments, nuts, raisins or whatever you have to hand… Delicious.

We, despite family issues, have had a good summer and we are looking forward to getting our blog up and running again. Whether it will be the same who knows, but we promise to bring you food and recipes and interesting facts that we hope you will enjoy reading. We would love to hear from you and tell us what you think or if you have any suggestions regarding where we should visit then please drop us a line. You can find us on Facebook and Pinterest.  Also I have a LinkedIn profile and Instagram

Have a great day and week and will write soon and look forward to hearing from some of you..  🙂