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….and of course Rick Stein and his fish, although this is not a recipe from Rick, but his love for fish is the inspiration and I was surprised on how the pre packed fish tasted and when I say pre packed, I don’t mean covered in breadcrumbs or frozen.

Being a busy working mother, Thursday nights are not conducive to cooking a family meal. Ian, my hubby has band practice, so we normally grab what we can.          Tonight as many other nights I fancied fish, but being delayed at the “day job” wanted something simple, easy and tasty. Don’t get me wrong in the past we have cooked fish, filleted fish and served fish, but tonight I wanted easy.  I am not normally a pre packed sort of person. All my boys have had home cooked food always, but sometimes 6 days out of 7 its easier after a busy day to pick up something quick and good quality.

I travelled home  and visited our local supermarket and found that they had Seabass fillets with lemongrass and chilli butter and also Sea bream fillets with red pesto butter… Worth a try? Absolutely!!

These pieces of fish just melt in your mouth and are so delicious, I could eat them day after day.  I have cooked loads of fish and Rick has certainly taught me a lot – his books are fab, and the TV programmes, but for ease tonight this touched the spot and would recommend. Served with Mediterranean influences, cous cous, mixed bean salad and quinoa, lemongrass and ginger salad…Yum, yum, yum…

Just thought I would share this and sometimes convenience food ( if that is the right word)  is good and not always bad. This fish is full of omega 3, very low in sugars and low in fat, saturates and salt…

Give them a try and let me know what you think

Till the next time 🙂