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…his travels around India.

Its been a while since I blogged or even travelled round the world with our cooking. Truth is, we haven’t had the time. Life has been busy with work for both of us. Ill health took its toll on me, but today we feel refreshed and inspired so we are cooking from Rick Stein’s India

The recipes that we are cooking can all be found in the book. I appreciate not all have the book so I am sure you could find his recipes on line

Over the years of being together with Ian we have cooked lots of different curries and have also cooked a variation of the one we are having today – Chicken and Rosewater Biryani. I have found a link on the web here so no excuses for not trying it!

We absolutely love Indian food and one day we will get to travel there and experience what we see when watching programmes like Rick’s. Our bucket list…

Rick Stein’s books are likeable in so many ways. Not only are the recipes easy to follow but the accompanied tale or yarn from where he picked up the  from and how he loved watching it being cooked.

Rick loves trying food from anyone who is willing to cook for him and this could be at a dinner party (not sure I could cook for him – but would give it a whirl – well hubby would!) a restaurant or just a simple street food pop up. The books, and with no exception Rick Stein’s India book, is like reading a story and when you have finished one dish you need to go on reading the next and the next.

Ian and I love a good curry and watching the series (twice , I believe)and reading this book we see endless possibilities.  So I ask you, my hubby and anyone who can respond – What is a good curry?

For me – personally it is the beautiful flavours, the aromas, the spices cooking in another room, whilst I am writing this…Home cooked Indian food makes me feel like we travelled to the part of the world where the curry is from, and although I haven’t been yet, feel like I have experienced just a little bit of what we can expect.

‘Whenever I hear the word curry, I’m filled with a longing for spicy hot food with the fragrance of cumin, cloves and cinnamon. I see deep red colours from lots of Kashmiri chilli’s, tinged with a suggestion of yellow from turmeric. I think of the tandoor oven and slightly scorched naan shining with ghee and garlic. A bowl of dark dal, a green chutney of coriander and mint and a plate with a few sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and sliced onions. When Indians talk of food, they talk about their life. To understand this country you need to understand curry.’ – Rick Stein

To me there is nothing more lovely than the smell/aroma of the cooking from the kitchen when it just smells this good. I can imagine what Rick must have thought as he watched this being prepared and then creating the recipe for us…Not “us”, but all  of us!

I am working in my sewing room and can smell the aromas seeping from the kitchen. The combination of cardamon, coriander, garam massala and other beautiful spices infused into the oil and then the chicken

Along with this beautiful dish we decided we would also have aloo gobi – potato and cauliflower curry, again seen and read about in Ricks book. We love curries and this is so simple to make, and aloo Gobi is a quick and easy vegetable side-dish, which can also be a main dish. This recipe can be found in the book or on the web. There is even enough for me to take to the day job tomorrow on top of the Biryani that is left and also as a main dish for a gorgeous lunch at the day job maybe the day after tomorrow – Yum yum yum.

Having only once tried to make Naan bread – a total “disaaaaaaarster darling”, never again have we tried.                    So reading in Rick’s book and seeing on the programme how easy chapatis were to make. I had a go…     and    …because my fingers were stiff with the dough, sticky and they shouldn’t have been and I was beginning to think this was going to be a “disaaaaaarster darling” too.      Maybe I used too much ghee, but when added a little more flour the mixture came together – phew.          I was very impressed how they cooked, exactly as Rick had said, but never having them before, had to assume mine were fabulous…


Yes not round but delicious all the same…

The whole meal was delicious and very tasty. Although Rick thinks it is easy to do and the next time would be easier my hubby thinks it wasn’t the easiest thing to do…I only prepared the aloo gobi and chapati, so cannot comment.

Rick Stein will always inspire me, will always make me want to try different foods and will always make me want to cook – and this is from a girl who  34 years ago left home and couldn’t even boil an egg…

‘Till the next time my friends – have a great evening